No Shot? No Food. Canada’s Outrageous New Winter Action Plan

No Shot? No Food. Canada’s Outrageous New Winter Action Plan

No Shot? No Food. Canada’s Outrageous New Winter Action Plan

By Maria Zeee

The New Brunswick government released its Winter Action Plan on Friday, which will remain in place until Spring.

The plan includes things like masks, social distancing, restrictions on gatherings, and just so happens to also include a requirement for grocery stores to require proof of juice status on entry.

Here’s what others had to say:

Hey you should be out enjoying your behday not being on social media

Health is number one you know… So let’s starve people! That’s how much we care. Must be $cience.

These sort of posts put the fear into people and may just push them towards a procedure they didn’t intend of having.

A lady I spoke to this morning said in Canada if you haven’t had it, you can’t get petrol?

Coming to an Australia near you

This is just getting out of control now

This is the kind of thing the United States used to go to war about. Totalitarian regimes harming their own citizens.

Why r people not protesting ?????

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