“More Children Will Die From This Shot Than the Virus Itself!” Says Dr. R Malone (Invenyor of mRNA Technology)

“More Children Will Die From This Shot Than the Virus Itself!” Says Dr. R Malone (Invenyor of mRNA Technology)

“More Children Will Die From This Shot Than the Virus Itself!” Says Dr. R Malone (Invenyor of mRNA Technology)

By London Times

If you are undecided whether or not this jab will be good for your kids, maybe the inventor of the mRNA’s advice might help you decide……


Here’s what others had to say:

Danny Shipp
8 keep seeing these people saying this stuff for example he says more kids will die from vaccine than from covid right ????? yet according to other experts covid doesnt exist …ie its not been isolated so which one is it and whos telling the truth ???

Kirsten Lavelle
So scary giving this kids

Ross Baines
If ANYONE has ANY legitimate reason or justification for injecting young teenagers and children with this experimental shit please speak up.
I haven’t heard one single valid argument for this beyond nonsense claims about possibly limiting spread and increasing herd immunity.
It’s our job to protect children, not their job to protect us by taking part in the biggest human medical experiment in history.

Shuban Abee
May our God mercy on us and forgive us Because God is loves the children

Catherine Tba
France are forcing the jab…no jab no work , no restaurants, no cinema, no using supermarket, no campsites NOTHING .even had a friend refused chemo.
And they are NOT recognising uk vax passport so beware anyone going there on holiday. I could not believe my ears today when talking to a friend in france.

Natalie Portelli
It’s insane for this to be even considered …
Kids need to be part of the choice! It is their lives and their future…
Tell them what the ingredients is.
What each ingredients does short term and long term possibilities
And tell them – Why do they need a vaccine ?
Tell them Virtually NO healthy kids have died from covid ?
Make sure they know
That they don’t need the vaccine as their not at risk of death from covid.
See what their choice would be.
This is out of control!
Anyone giving these vaccines to a kid – it is irresponsible parenting!
This Make me so sad upset for pregnant people or kids to be vaccinated ..
Damage to them is not yet known… autoimmune, cancer, fertility…
But then majority of regular child vaccines are to protect them from mild to moderate rashes

Natalie Portelli
Am I missing something
This is just basic common sense me.
I feel like it’s not normal to just “think” and use your Brian independently anymore.

Lisa Birchall
Anybody who allows this to happen to their children should be ashamed I would do jail time to stop this if I had children xxxxx

Original Source: https://www.londontimes.live/health/more-children-will-die-from-this-shot-than-the-virus-itself-says-dr-r-malone-invenyor-of-mrna-technology/

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