Major Med Journal: Criticizes “Rushed” FDA Approval of Cov Vax…

Major Med Journal: Criticizes “Rushed” FDA Approval of Cov Vax…

Major Med Journal: Criticizes “Rushed” FDA Approval of Cov Vax…

By London Times

An interesting piece by the senior editor of the British Medical Journal, poured scorn on the FDA’s premature and fast-tracked approval of the Pfizer COVID vaccine.

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Dr. Dhand, while in nursing school we are taught to do our research over and over again until we find tried and true data. Society has thrown this out the window. Thank you for standing up for what is right. You are not alone! We are behind you and in this together.

Albert Buhr
Dr Dhand, you are legitimately heroic at this point.

Panama Fred
FDA says, “Up to six-months.” Kind of like “Sale — up to 40% off!” That could be 1%, couldn’t it?

Dansk DNA
Thank you, all doctors, nurses and people everywhere, for questioning, for promoting critical thinking, and for saying HELL NO (knowing you will lose your job) to becoming part of an experimental study. I feel better knowing I am not alone in The Twilight Zone.

Former FDA commissioner is now on Pfizer board…”what on earth is going on”….after listening the infirmation that Dr. Dhand just reported it gives more reason NOT to take this experimental jab….but many thanks to all those that volunteered to be the guinea pigs for the rest of us.

This “approval” was highly expected. Everything they’re doing is so easy to foretell that it’s laughable. A vaccine gains full approval on a completely novel virus in only 9 months. Yeah nothing strange about that…

PiNG is life
Being in the animal vaccine industry, I know it can easily take years of data collection and analysis to get approval to put a product on market. Approving this so quickly does not instill confidence. Thank you for the video, doctor.

The fact that Dr. Dhand is taking a risk to pass on this actual information indicates that the process has become seriously flawed.

Ask a sparky
I feel for all who put their faith in the vaccine and confidence in those who championed it. I can see the tide turning now when the believers start to raise questions. It’s all big business I’m afraid.

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