Johns Hopkins Professor Marty Makary Explains Why He Won’t Debate Me

Johns Hopkins Professor Marty Makary Explains Why He Won’t Debate Me

Johns Hopkins Professor Marty Makary Explains Why He Won’t Debate Me

By Steve Kirsch

Dr. Martin Makary (Photo courtesy of Fiesta San Antonio Commission)
Professor Marty Makary won’t debate me because I might say something he doesn’t know the answer to. OK, got it.

I just got this note from one of my followers that explains why Marty Makary won’t debate me:

Good morning Mr Kirsch,

A friend of mine recently sent me a link to The ZDoggMD Show Spotify podcast that included a reference to you by Dr Marty Makary. While one part of the conversation mostly centered around the veracity of claims made by Dr Robert Malone, around the 2:19:15 mark, Makary mentioned you. He insisted that to debate you would be futile, because he can’t respond in real time to data you “throw out.”

He basically accuses you of performing a verbal data dump without allowing time to fact check. Makary gives an example that after taking several days to examine your Uttar Pradesh data, “you come to realize, wow, that’s total bullsit!”

Dr Zubin Damania, the podcast host, suggests that the only reasonable way to debate you would be to conduct it like a trial, with a discovery process. With both sides armed with data ahead of time, there would be no surprises. Makary concurs with host and claims, “you want debate, you want conversations, and stifling that is terrible.”

Mr Kirsch, this sounds to me like an attractive opening to finally debate someone in a very public setting. I propose you offer to provide Makary your data and arrange to debate him on The ZDoggMD Show. Having agreed to both Damania and Makary’s motion for discovery, how could they refuse? I suspect the episode would be at least as popular as Rogan’s Malone interview—and it won’t cost you $1 million.

Wow. Marty is basically saying he won’t debate me because he’s afraid I’ll pull out a fact he is not prepared to answer and that’s unfair.

Let’s be clear. My data is out there. In public view. Since May 2021. Thousands of pages of stuff.

I’m happy to limit the debate topics to anything I’ve already published on my Substack and on TrialSiteNews. It’s all there in plain sight.

Marty can cherry pick anything they want to challenge and research it for a month. That puts me at a significant disadvantage because I won’t know which ones in advance they want to target.

Marty can even propose his rules for what he considers a fair debate so we can discuss the most important issues such as listed in Incriminating Evidence or my 100 questions posts.

His mission should be to discredit me on my position to show the world I’m wrong and that the vaccines are perfectly safe. That should be easy for an expert such as himself. I’m just a dumb engineer who never went to medical school. How can he be afraid of me?

I’m agreeable to using ONLY things I’ve written about. Marty has therefore nothing to fear. No surprises.

I emailed Marty a link to this article, but I don’t expect to hear back from him because he never answers any of my emails. Neither does Zubin.

If he answers, I’ll post his response. My advice: don’t hold your breath on that happening.

If Marty cared about correcting misinformation, he’d tell you (and me) what the cause of the low case and death count in Uttar Pradesh was. Did he do that? Of course not! He told us nothing. He left us in the dark. He spent several days to do the research, then he concealed the truth from the public. This is how a real medical scientists is supposed to act: do the research and then don’t tell anyone.

Let’s be clear: these guys don’t want a debate because they don’t want to be exposed publicly. The data isn’t on their side and they know they can’t defend it, even from someone with no formal medical training.

That’s just stunning to me.


This comment sums it up quite nicely:

Dr. Jeffrey Wheeler

If you have a command of the facts, integrity, intellectual honesty, and are committed to pursuit of the truth there should be no hesitation for a comprehensive debate no matter the terms. After all, is the truth not the goal?

So does this comment:

Interesting and very sad that in their minds it’s all about their comfort and their looking good in front of the camera instead of a humane & medically professional point of view = “Let’s find out the Truth, so we can save more people’s lives and give them the medical help they need to either remain healthy or to heal them.”

This comment is worth reading as well.

In other words, they are trying to make excuses for why they won’t debate.

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