Japan: “Health Ministry Warns of Vaxxine’s Side Effects”

Japan: “Health Ministry Warns of Vaxxine’s Side Effects”

Japan: “Health Ministry Warns of Vaxxine’s Side Effects”

By Le Canard républicain


NHK WORLD-JAPAN, International Service of NHK, the multimedia group of the Japanese public service, on December 4, 2021.

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Mika Jansson
All over the western world, countries have very high vaccine coverage with Pfizer being alone the choice of vaccine. But the higher the vaccination rates, the more we see case numbers rising, so it is obvious that the vaccines are failing us. Vaccine passports are senseless, because fully vaccinated people get the sickness, spread it, and suffer from it. But since deals were made with Pfizer, the world governments keep pushing and forcing these pathetic, dangerous vaccines to us – 2x, 3x, 4x jabs…There’s no end to this. Thankfully Japan is not dancing the same way. Prove to us that ivermectin works – and give the world better vaccines also please.

Jim Gilman
Why bother with a warning, if it’s not going to be optional?

M Rowe
so far…. what is the effect after a year; does the damage occur at different rates for each person?

Francis White
What do you mean by “males?” Is that restricted to males with XY chromosomes? Or does it include males with XX chromosomes? They should be specific because you just can’t assume you know what the word “male” means.

Fly Flicks
Finally, a main stream media outlet with the balls to call this shit out.

Steven Strong
Its safe and effective to give children hearth attacks

Sultan Of Swing
It is probably just “post pandemic stress disorder” causing this /Sarcasm

Drago Milosevic
Fauci and the pharmaceutical company ceos need to be in jail

Original Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-WYlzkn6ZA

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