If Omicron’s As Mild as Experts Say…Why All the Hysteria?

If Omicron’s As Mild as Experts Say…Why All the Hysteria?

If Omicron’s As Mild as Experts Say…Why All the Hysteria?

By RonPaulLibertyReport

The professionals working most closely with the new “omicron” variant of the virus are reporting that the symptoms are extremely mild – more like a common cold. Yet Germany has locked its “underclass” of unvaxxed citizens and Austria has locked everybody down. How does this make any sense?

Here’s what others had to say:

  • Dr. Bas Ackwards
    Yeah my normy parents were actually raising an eyebrow at the omicron b.s. and my dad even said to me that he thought it was complete nonsense which was quite encouraging
  • Les Smith
    Keep telling the truth Dr Paul, Daniel, and Chris. 👍🇺🇲🙏☝
  • Gypsy Magic
    “May we all stand tall together in the face of those forces, here and elsewhere, that seek to enslave us.”
    ― Sol Luckman
  • Gypsy Magic
    “Authoritarian politicians cast their rivals as criminal, subversive, unpatriotic, or a threat to national security or the existing way of life.”
    ― Steven Levitsky
  • emilyrl
    Thank you Dr Paul.
    Every day for over a year I have wished that we had someone intelligent and sensible like yourself leading us to true good health choices and options – instead of Foolish Fauci.
  • Adam Wright
    Dr. Paul is still THE man. Much respect to him for still putting out stellar content on a consistent basis. It must be the fire of Liberty keeping him going strong! Looking forward to the book!!
  • Bad Monkey
    Compliance is the fuel keeping this fire going.
  • CheetoDictator
    My prediction is the Sigma variant around August-September 2022. Will have similar spike protein characteristics/transmissibility as Omicron, but it will be claimed to have much more severe symptoms. Omicron might just be a test run to see how much fear can be induced in the public at this point.
  • Unbroken
    Why the hysteria? It’s just exactly what Nathan B. Forrest said about initiative in battle: “You got to keep up the scare.” That way you can control the battle.

Original Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aG6g8hdOcI8

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