How Many More Children Will Be Sacrificed for the Experiment That Is the Cov Vaxxine?

How Many More Children Will Be Sacrificed for the Experiment That Is the Cov Vaxxine?

How Many More Children Will Be Sacrificed for the Experiment That Is the Cov Vaxxine?

By Australian National Review


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there is no evidence for a link between this child deaths and the vaccine. To believe that there is evidence for this claim but not one medical qualified individual is able or willing to prove it is delusionary.

Pfizer is a demonic company that should be dissolved and have all members held accountable for the injuries and deaths they’ve caused on a global scale. These disgusting creatures do not deserve a single cent. They deserve prison sentences and hefty fines to put them out of business. Plain and simple.

Do something about it, you cuckservative asshole. Stop talking are, start doing. Or do you think Jesus is going to come and save you?

Hang them all!
It’s okay to kill those demonic people who are trying to kill you.

On the bright side, parents stupid enough to jab their kids probably have stupid kids. Natural selection at work?

Covid19 is a government lie
COVID-19 does not exist. There is no virus.

Mike Smith
American Jews own or control $50 trillions, the richest American Jew Larry Ellison is worth $138 billions the richest Jew in Israel is worth under $10 billions big discrepancy, conclusion: Jews extract wealth from our populations in the West and use it against us weakening our spirit by promoting degeneracy and disorder and implementing the white genocide by suppressing our birth rates and flooding us with the Third World low IQ mud. Jews in the West use our own money to destroy our world.

CV on average kills 56 people a day, the flue kills on average a 1000 a day and there are 8 other diseases that kill more per day than CV such as T.B. which kills 3000 per day. After all the years these diseases have been around no one ever suggested shutting down any country or making people walk around with masks. These are C.D.C. numbers you can look up your self on their web site. While your at it, ask your self why now.

They are not sacrificed! They are expended! These same people have a population agenda. Meaning killing our kids or us OR making them not able to breed is part of that agenda!

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