Hey Kids, No Parents Required To Get the Jab at the Children’s Hospital!

Hey Kids, No Parents Required To Get the Jab at the Children’s Hospital!

Hey Kids, No Parents Required To Get the Jab at the Children’s Hospital!

By CNBS News

Here’s what others had to say:

Passing kids through the fire smh

I guess the 12-year-olds will get a free shot, a free beer, and a rolled joint with their vax because “you can bring a parent or guardian if you want but it isn’t required”

If they get secondary effects… who’s gonna pay medical treatments? The government? WHO? … who?


Operation Ice Cream Truck running covertly. Get a lick and a jab. Step right up to the jab truck.

Amy Sue Adams~Truth and Freedom Poet
Does anyone know if this flyer is legit? I’m pissed as hell if it’s not. I shared it, trusting the source (and because it didn’t surprise me with the bill that passed in DC), and now a woman who is always on the lookout for me to mess up is claiming she emailed the church.

City Slicker
Unbelievable! Isn’t this illegal?

Funny that I cannot enroll anyone 12-17 in a clinical trial without parental consent, but they can for this trial? Where are the the few ethical lawyers????

Myron T. Moore
Looks like the churches have stopped being churches and now have become profitable community vaccine clinics. God has been replaced with fear and money.

Original Source: https://www.cnbsnews.live/documentaries/hey-kids-no-parents-required-to-get-the-jab-at-the-childrens-hospital/

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