France’s Senate Rejects BS 19 Vaxx Mandates With Overwhelming Majority: 262 Senators Voted Against and 64 Senators Shamefully Voted in Favour

France’s Senate Rejects BS 19 Vaxx Mandates With Overwhelming Majority: 262 Senators Voted Against and 64 Senators Shamefully Voted in Favour

France’s Senate Rejects BS 19 Vaxx Mandates With Overwhelming Majority: 262 Senators Voted Against and 64 Senators Shamefully Voted in Favour

By European Times

Bravo! France’s Senate rejects Covid vaccine mandates with overwhelming majority: 262 Senators voted against and 64 Senators shamefully voted in favour.


Here’s what others had to say:

James Arthur
In France, for all practical purposes, vaccination is already mandatory because of the vaccine passport

ian alexander
Isn’t acquired immunity and/or negative test as good as the vac passport in France?

Féliciano BASTOS
They just refused a compulsory vaccination project but will extend the vaccinal passport until July and plans to establish it in common law

Sorry, but at the same time they extended “health” pass til 07.31.22.
I’m not sure they want to impose mandates yet, cause that would make them responsible.
Also we have a presidential election in april 2022.

Lau Fa
Trust me, we are far from being free in France.

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