Former Trump Admin HHS Expert, Dr. Paul E. Alexander Live!

Former Trump Admin HHS Expert, Dr. Paul E. Alexander Live!

Former Trump Admin HHS Expert, Dr. Paul E. Alexander Live!

By Stew Peters Show

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Kim Neff Burnett
Bless you Stew. You are one of only a few voices that speaks the truth. These shots have to stop! And for the love of God, Trump needs to get out of his own way, and stop praising himself for this jab- he got played. Half the world has been played. But he loses me a little more every time he pushes this.

Lori Es
From tue moment Trump met with BGates he did a pivot & became a vax salesman.
Wake up peeps! There’s only One hope we have, that’s God.

Sylvia Martin Lafferty
Trump needs to take a stand. I am really wondering why he still pushes the vax?

Kathy Clepper
We can not trust our healthcare system anymore. And haven’t been able to in years. 😡

Jason Ferguson
Stew Peters Show Where did the story come from about the guy stabbing himself here in Australia, can’t find it anywhere

Patty Duczeminski
No way. I am just at a loss for words. The total lack of caring and concern for the human rights

Donna Reding
Thank you Stew Peters, for having a doctor on that knows what’s happening and asking the questions we all are wanting answers about. We are on our own @ this point, but we have God on our side. We can’t trust our government or our healthcare system.

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