Fake Jab Caught on Tape: Endless Injections Target Kids & Military While Leaders Opt Out

Fake Jab Caught on Tape: Endless Injections Target Kids & Military While Leaders Opt Out

Fake Jab Caught on Tape: Endless Injections Target Kids & Military While Leaders Opt Out

By Australian National Review


America has been awful with forced vaccinations and Covid insanity, but you can look on the bright side: We’re better than Israel. That country has full-blown COVID passports. Vaccination is mandatory for all workplaces. It’s mandatory if you want to take a driver’s test. Soon, getting non-emergency medical care of any kind will require taking a PCR test, and the government is considering imposing higher medical insurance costs on the unvaccinated as well, for their supposed “increased risk.”

So this is a real Covid passport regime, and to have a valid one, it’s not enough to have two shots. You have to have the booster as well, and when this booster starts expiring they’ll almost certainly require four shots, then five, then six, for who knows how long. In effect, the country has become the test laboratory for the Pfizer corporation.

But does everyone really need to get these shots? If you’re important enough, maybe you’re exempt.

David Schomburg lives in the Great Vaccine Prison that is Israel. Fortunately for him, he is self-employed, so he remains unvaccinated, as are his wife and their four children. He sent us video of the country’s foreign minister and alternate prime minister Yair Lapid. The video is supposed to show him getting the shot, but if you zoom in, it’s possible that he isn’t actually being stuck with that needle.

David Schomburg wants to talk to us about that and everything else in the Israeli Covid Hell, and he joined the show to discuss.

Original Source: https://www.australiannationalreview.com/health/fake-jab-caught-on-tape-endless-injections-target-kids-military-while-leaders-opt-out/

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