Dr. Mike Yeadon: Latest Evidence of Premeditated Mass Murder by Lethal Injections!

Dr. Mike Yeadon: Latest Evidence of Premeditated Mass Murder by Lethal Injections!

Dr. Mike Yeadon: Latest Evidence of Premeditated Mass Murder by Lethal Injections!

By Wes Rhinier

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Truth in Tension
Thank you posting this video with Dr. Michael Yeadon. Dr. Yeadon explains the significant danger of the clot shots. It was interesting that he explained why some people die right after taking the clot shot and why some people do not appear to have any serious direct effects. He also believes that the fear and the clot shots are being supported by the giant banks and the 5-eyes countries. Basically, the purpose of the clot shots and mandates is population reduction and control. The conspiracy has moved from conspiracy theory to conspiracy reality. It is time to arrest Gates, Fauci, Walensky, Brix, Collins, the management of the CDC, NIH, NIAID, WHO, the boards of the giant banks, and all of the state / county heath officials. Also, arrest the administrators, doctors, and nurses who refused to use HCQ and Ivermectin. And finally arrest the Joint Chiefs at the pentagon along with the contractors that were hired to coordinate Operation Warp Speed for their actions at increasing the population’s fear of COVID-19.

Citizen Joe
Ok. I’m glad I watched it until the end. I was getting bored. He says the explanation for the major differences in lethality of the various lot numbers is this: They are calibrating the lethality of the Vax. They are testing on humans to determine which lot kills the most humans. Why? In the name of God, why? It’s way beyond greed. It’s evil, to a level never before seen.

This reminds me of Sister Mary Louise(from Buffalo, NY) I had in 6th Grade who reminded us every week…Boys and Girls Jesus is coming and boy is he pissed!

strider 777
“Why? In the name of God, why?”
That is a profound question.
Many of the answers you are looking for are here:
The book of Revelation
The book of Matthew, chapter 24
The book of Daniel, chapter 12 (the last chapter)
The references above pertain to “Last Days,” or “End Times,” prophecies (predictions concerning future events). I believe we are now living in those times. Read the above referenced prophecies with an open mind and in consideration of the current state of technology and current worldwide political events. And prepare to be astounded.
An amazing fact: Approximately 25% of the The Holy Bible is prophetic, and over 50% of those prophecies have already been fulfilled. The remaining prophecies deal with “End Times” events.
God’s blessings to all.

Original source: https://ncrenegade.com/dr-mike-yeadon-latest-evidence-of-premeditated-mass-murder-by-lethal-injection/

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