Dr. Ana Mihalcea – Major Chain Grocery Meat FULL of Structures Like VAXX!!! Australia & U.S

Dr. Ana Mihalcea – Major Chain Grocery Meat FULL of Structures Like VAXX!!! Australia & U.S

Dr. Ana Mihalcea – Major Chain Grocery Meat FULL of Structures Like VAXX!!! Australia & U.S

By Maria Zeee


Dr. Ana Michalcea joins us to expose how tests on both Australian and U.S. major chain grocery store meat has shown structures like we have seen both in the COVID injection vials and the blood of the injected, now also being found in the uninjected.

Dr. Ana exposes her findings in conjunction with Dr. David Nixon in Australia on this gross experiment being conducted on human beings without their consent, poisoning our food supply.

Here’s what others had to say:

The double effects of adding mRNA to meats:
— poison those that don’t comply and “boost” those that did comply, achieving the depop agenda;
— deter people from eating meat hence achieving the no meat climate cult agenda;
How much do you want to bet it will NOT stop with meat? It’s prob. already there in everything, including the water and AIR (through chemtrails, which are another FACT).

iron mixed w/clay…they’re putting infrastructure in us…when the time is right…2 helix becomes 3 helix…mark of the beast

Coles and Woolworths are WEF, so don’t touch their food.

Exactly, for nearly a decade I’ve wished that the commercial food stores I purchase food from had an independent testing lab set up in the parking lot as I am uncomfortable knowing how insidious these industry agricultural conglomerates are with the gmo poison and chemical additives they regularly report they use in the processing for their convenience, rather than public safety. Now with the bio-weapon covid business and the merging of DARPA military health, it seems more essential.

Thank you both for your work and continued analysis. It would be interesting to see what Dr Pedro Chavez brings to the table in light of this discovery, but I believe he would be censored. If you aren’t familiar with his work, COMUSAV USA for the English language version on Brighteon can provide this information.

About time this information came out, there is nothing in the major stores that is not contaminated.
High on the lust is chicken , that’s why they are selling it so cheap,
Tasmanian salmon poisoned
All the farmed seafood,
Chocolate all been marked down WHY poisoned.
If your stupid enough to drink coke and go to McDonald’s your probably on your 6th booster shot.
Dishwashing liquid deadly.
Milk and all dairy has Nanoparticles in it for so called whitening.
They even have you with toilet paper .
ITS SERIOUS FOLKS . Please wake up.
Seed oil is deadly as is sugar it’s in everything.

I’ve never taken a PCR test nor any mRNA vaccine but sometimes I feel infected. How can we know if we ingested it either by Chemtrails, shedding or contaminated food??

Maria, what injections are they using on the cattle sheep pigs etc in Australia? Are farmers just doing what the government tells them?

Pretty simple: geoengineering spraying the landscape with toxic nanoparticles. Plants and the strata absorb this material. Animals (cows) eat said plants. Humans eat plants and animals. Done and done.
You are what you eat and breathe!

Graphene Oxide can withstand extreme heat, it’s a paramagnetic carbon. Apparently it enters the body by ingestion, food and water, it has been made into aerosols and patented.
You can breathe it in. The point is getting it out. It’s magnetic, and that may serve as a counter measure. It forms circuitry, which if controlled could be a counter measure. Somebody knows and planned to survive with a slave class. You know what has to be done.

I have noticed that the gold top milk I sometimes treat myself to now has a big lump of cream in it instead of the usual thin cream that floats to the top of the milk. Doesn’t matter how vigorously I shake the milk the lump of cream doesn’t disburse. The first one I put down to the fact that we had a cold spell and this could have affected the milk but I have had a further two bottles since the weather has improved but the lumps are still there!


Original Source: https://rumble.com/v2gx6t0-dr.-ana-mihalcea-major-chain-grocery-meat-full-of-structures-like-vaxx-aust.html

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