Doctor Exposes BS-19 Hysteria Programming To Submit to Medical Tyranny

Doctor Exposes BS-19 Hysteria Programming To Submit to Medical Tyranny

Doctor Exposes BS-19 Hysteria Programming To Submit to Medical Tyranny

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Dr. Andrew Kaufman just proved that the virus does not exist, clearing Fauci of lying to Congress, since _gain of function_ *did not* create any virus, thus hasn’t killed anybody! It also clears Cuomo (and many others around the world) from the accusation that he had cause the death of many by sending patients, infected with Covid, to nursing homes.
OMG! The Left is gonna be so darn happy!!!

Virus=”Cellular Debris”
“We have never seen virus particles [HIV] in the purified virus [gradient]. What we have seen all the time was cellular debris, no virus particles [HIV]”
Dr. Charles Dauget, Electron Microscopist
for Dr. Luc Montagnier & Dr. Francoise Barre-Sinooussi
House of Numbers – Directed by Brent Leung

Now this guy gets it! Yes the whole thing is a scam! They just relabel all regular flu and pneumonia and seasonal colds as covid, and they use the fake pcr tests to diagnosis people with no symptoms. Its all an elaborate hoax.

Mentioning the Nuremberg code is a good thing and pointing out its’ importance but if you look back 50-60 years or so you will see tuskegee experiments etc. Governments all over the world had been crapping on their constitutions every time they saw fit. There is one red line: a 2 tier law system, a law for the servants and a law for the masters and the only realistic freedom the peasant have is to destroy each other in lawsuits. In a gaming environment it would be called cheating, then you install Punkbuster to make sure you have an even playing field and start kicking cheaters from the server…. just a playful thought .. sorry for my English.

Why isn’t he testifying along with Rand Paul against Fauci so Fauci is put away for good.

its a matrix of illusions.

Dr. Kaufman is brilliant! I’m thankful David Icke introduced me to his work. I love how calm and peaceful his demeanor is even though his spirit is fierce.

Kaufman is a Hero. Salute!

All right Alex. You finally got Dr Kaufman on your show. Excellent!

The entire “did it come from nature” vs did it come from the lab” is total BS…except it’s not…it is a psychological tool that reinforces the idea that it’s a virus…even though it’s not….it was a sly presupposition(that it was a virus to begin with) that was never verified. It (its origin)was a distraction to shift focus.

I remember seeing Dr.Kaufman on Richie from Boston😎 channel back in 2020.. when this covid HOAX just started.
Richie woke me up, I even stopped listening Jones show for a while.. because Alex was a bit late with all the covid scamdemic.

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