Conor McGregor Slams EU, Declares Juice Mandate Is a “War Crime”

Conor McGregor Slams EU, Declares Juice Mandate Is a “War Crime”

Conor McGregor Slams EU, Declares Juice Mandate Is a “War Crime”

By Maria Zeee

Conor McGregor has commented on recent announcements by the EU on their desire to mandate the juice across the whole of Europe: “You think forcing people to inject something into their body is not a crime? People must have the right to choose.”

“An attempt to mandate (juice) is coming, per the head of the EU. I cannot agree to this. I know our lap dogs in power will just do as they are told.”

“Forced (juice) is a war crime,” he added.

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Usually it’s BS coming out of his mouth but good on him for speaking up on this one 👌

Well done McGregor 👏 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Looks like we won’t be seeing him in the ring again anytime soon then 🤦‍♂️ because speaking out gets you cast out… but MCGREGOR is BIGGER THAN THAT! And he like you Maria is spitting fax. Good on him 🔥

He’s absolutely right


He did a video once praising lockdowns. Pick a lane dude

Hero! 🇮🇪

I totally agree with him

Strong in body and in his convictions to do what is right!🙌👏

Bulldogs player won’t get the juice and not able to play anymore. More are taking a stance😉👍

Informed consent can only be made in 55 years time when the information about the ingredients is made available. In the meantime forced juicing is an abuse of both the Helsinki treaty and the Nuremberg code.


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