CDC Weaves Desperate Cover Story for Expected 15,000+ Vaxxine Deaths per Week in America by Christmas

CDC Weaves Desperate Cover Story for Expected 15,000+ Vaxxine Deaths per Week in America by Christmas

CDC Weaves Desperate Cover Story for Expected 15,000+ Vaxxine Deaths per Week in America by Christmas

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Cal4Jesus John (magnum)
Blahaha 馃ぃ these are awesome 馃槑

Janko John (magnum)

MultiChubby1 John (magnum)

Eva de Richen John (magnum)
It was true in Europe. The majority died in two first days of their admission into hospital. Why ? Because their family doctors who followed the gov. orders, said to their sick patients to stay home, take only paracetamol and to go to hospital only when they could not breathe any more. So when they arrived at hospital it was too late to save them. They died from the luck of early traditional treatments.

Down to Earth Thinking Eva de Richen
Yep gov SOP is still killing millions world wide and here in US as well. But should be no surprise as this is all a gov creation in the first place !
Gotta wonder why so many have NOT connected the obvious and verifiable dots ?

mtman2 Down to Earth Thinking
Ahhhh same as with every路other disconnect.
……C路O路G路N路I路T路I路V路E D路I路S路S路O路N路A路N路C路E……

mtman2 Eva de Richen
True health”care” should’ve been employed by family MD’s to teach healthy diets to the family’s along w/suppliments of D, C, B’s, zinc…specialty immune boosting fruits, nuts, herbs + veggies…!

Azurite Crystal John (magnum)
Very impressive once again with your pictures of words.
Even more shocking than what your pictures describe is the fact that homeless camps were safer than hospitals.
let that sink in Mr pictures like a grade schooler.

Eva de Richen Azurite Crystal
It was true in Europe. The majority died in two first days of their admission into hospital. Why ? Because their family doctors who followed the gov. orders, said to their sick patients to stay home, take only paracetamol and to go to hospital

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