CDC Admits Vaxinated Can Transmit Delta & Dr McCullough Sued by Bsw Health Over Media and Meeting Appearances

CDC Admits Vaxinated Can Transmit Delta & Dr McCullough Sued by Bsw Health Over Media and Meeting Appearances

CDC Admits Vaxinated Can Transmit Delta & Dr McCullough Sued by Bsw Health Over Media and Meeting Appearances

By USA Times

Peter McCullough, MD, MPH speaks with Laura Ingraham about the CDC admitting that vaccinated individuals can transmit Delta and about how Dr McCullough is being sued by BSW Health over media and meeting appearances.


Here’s what others had to say: 

DR McCullough You are spreading the right information. I admire You, please keep us informed.

There is an organization that you can contribute to, to help defend Dr. McCullough and possibly there will be a counter lawsuit. Very likely the order to sue Dr. McCullough came from higher up. I suspect Dr. Fauci has his fingerprints on this. Dr. PMC was already suspended twice from Twitter.
They will need to raise $250K
They are going to regret what is being done. We are living in Communist China.
This is what happens when 1 parties controls all branches of government, the MSM and the major institutions.

the message of this is simple; DO NOT COMPLY to Government mandates

We are being ruled by China right now

This not about Health , this is about taking away your rights and freedoms by Medical Fraud.

I never thought I’d live to see Stalinists in charge of medicine in this country. But they are. Everyone, with a few still dedicated to the truth like Dr. McCullough, is drinking the COVID Kool-Aid.
God bless Dr. McCullough and his colleagues for simply having the intellectual honesty to press forward despite this insane censorship and cancel-culture-control.

If BSW wanted to get some BAD publicity for themselves, they just did it to themselves ALL BY THEMSELVES with this ludicrous lawsuit. Go to and donate at least $200. And get the recently updated version of Early Treatment Guide by Dr. McCullough, Dr. Vliet and several others while at it. And then pass copies around to all the people you care about.

Formally the BSW Health affiliation is in lots of places on the net where the Dr. has been presented in the past and does not reflect an updated relation. I assume added before the relation ended and many of the presentation sites that do interviews do not update their material too often.

They legally aren’t actual vaccines so they can’t protect you from COVID, the Safety and Effectiveness Studies didn’t test the injected for COVID, they only asked if they had typical
Respiratory Symptoms which doesn’t prove anything, so they can’t even say these injections even work at all.

England’s has seen 11 straight days of their infections falling.
Some think they hit herd immunity.
I think we should intentionally get people sick with Delta so they build natural immunity (like chicken pox) then treat it so you dont get into long haul.
Obviously, if youre in an at risk group, it’s a bad idea but Delta is the safest of strains across all age groups.

have you noticed Yu tuob & Rumble does not open certain content, it’s becoming the fashion.

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