Any Doctor That Is Baffled Has To Be a Complete and Utter Moron, As Any Journalists That Can Not Question Such BS, Says ANR Founder

Any Doctor That Is Baffled Has To Be a Complete and Utter Moron, As Any Journalists That Can Not Question Such BS, Says ANR Founder

Any Doctor That Is Baffled Has To Be a Complete and Utter Moron, As Any Journalists That Can Not Question Such BS, Says ANR Founder

Telegram Post By Jamie McIntyre

Any Doctor that is baffled has to be a complete and utter moron, as any journalists that can not question such BS, says ANR Founder.
“ I’ll bet their house, I know what is the obvious cause and common denominator.

Please send me some baffled Doctors, and we’ll take their houses off them, and donate them to the families, that these baffled doctors have helped murdered with sheer ignorance and stupidity.
No one with a working brain, can’t see Covid is the worlds greatest fraud to date and Bill Gates and Fauci are heading to only one destination.
7.8 billion verse a tiny % of Globalists perverted elites.
I know who I’m backing,” he said.

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