Anti-Fertility Vaxxines & Population Control

Anti-Fertility Vaxxines & Population Control

Anti-Fertility Vaxxines & Population Control

By Dr. Sam Bailey

Many of the organisations that promote vaccine administration around the world are linked with population control agendas.
We will dive into what was done to innocent people with secret ingredient injections.

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Why show Africans? The population of Africa has exploded due to taking money from the West and giving it to Africa as “aid”. The population in Western, White countries, i.e. Europe, the US, Canada, and Australia has dropped over the past 50 years. The UN itself has a “Replacement Migration” scheme designed to import millions of Africans into Europe to “counter the drop in birth rates in European countries.” Their targets are White people. Not Africans. They want the whole world to be Africa because, for among other reassons, their average IQ is about 75.

they always tell us what their plans are!

The sinister WHO organisation, of the UN-United Nations..

We need to get people more afraid of Totalitarianism than they are of Covid.

-vaccinations that can interfere with fertility, pushed by people who have stated desires to reduce worldwide population
-universal electronic identification, and specifically the implementation of a legal system and social system that impedes an individual’s ability to engage in wider society and typical life choices unless he participates in the ID system
-mRNA therapies designed to alter genetics “roughly at will”
-global medical hysteria that has people conditioned to accept mysterious medications almost without question, on a repeating cycle, that is the prerequisite for previously stated ID system.
If this stuff works as they intend it to, then it looks to me as if the mRNA system is going to be used to switch fertility on and off at their discretion, and the ID system will be the choke collar that forces your compliance.
That’s nothing less than global eugenics.

The world is not overpopulated. It’s poorly managed.

waiting anxiously for Virus Mania movie. good luck.
also, I will watch Terrain.

Another brilliant video Dr Sam, thank you very much – this is very sad & scary stuff. I am worried that my eldest daughter, who decided to take CV 19 vaxes, could potentially end up infertile – I did try to reason with her & ask her to wait, but at 31 years old, I really cannot interfere in her life.

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