Why Won’t the Media Discuss Vaxxine Injuries? Senator Gerard Rennick

Why Won’t the Media Discuss Vaxxine Injuries? Senator Gerard Rennick

Why Won’t the Media Discuss Vaxxine Injuries? Senator Gerard Rennick

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Chris Kenny you’re an absolute joke who lies for a pay check
What the f.. would you know.
How can you say they are safe and effective, when they are killing and injuring hundreds of thousands. 74,000 reported so far (that’s 1-10% of actual numbers)

And where ever vax rates are high, outbreaks are high.

You at Skynews are paid to push an experimental drug with a side effect of death for a flu that isn’t even a serious health risk.

And why would ask a Doctor for advice on vaccines when they can’t tell the truth or lose their job.

Chris Kenny you will be placed under investigation and face future charges of crimes against humanity by influencing people to take a deadly experimental drug.

You’re a gutless lying journalist who we’ll be held to account.

Folks report dodgy sell out tv presenters to the Covid Fraud Bureau of Investigation, www.cfbi.live

News media not paid to push experimental drugs with side effect of death against.


Here’s what others had to say:

Justin Mills
Where does the buck stop? Is it from the top medical directors and advisory boards? And where do they get their directives from? Once the so-called experts put a halt to this stupendous theatre of utter fuckery then we can gain clarity as to who is responsible for it all and proceed to Nuremberg 2.0 from there….

Denise Gilmour
Don’t watch him won’t be watching now Allan Jones is not there anymore the only ones I like are Corey Bernardi, Rowen Dean, Mark Latham, Pauline Hanson, when they are on only time I watch it

Myke Hunt
‘The Plan’ is coming along spectacularly well.

Claude Sandoval
It begs that very important question why people are being silenced?

Mish Fish
Chris the government puppet.

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