Who Is Dictating to Australia and State Governments Telling Them To Enact These Orders?

Who Is Dictating to Australia and State Governments Telling Them To Enact These Orders?

Who Is Dictating to Australia and State Governments Telling Them To Enact These Orders?

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

And some are still sleeping.
What will it take until some awaken from their mass hypnosis, from watching the id**t box, and id**t box presenters, and id**t Health Ministers?

Fellow Aussies,
At what point do we accept we are being taken over –
The world is at war – the enemy of the people are the Globalists- Cabal – whatever you want to call these socialist billionaire kiddie fiddlers.

“But there hasn’t been shots fired”, so it’s not a war,” some naively think.

Ooh really
4 billion shots into arms around the world, maybe silent shots, but more deadly than a bullet – as if they were shooting with guns to kill us, we’d quickly assemble a resistance to defend our loved ones.
But like a frog ever so slowly boiling to death.

We want a peaceful revolution but the chances of that happening don’t look good.

Comply and you’ll die.
Confirm and you’ll realise too late just how wrong you were.

Now is not a time to think.

“She’ll be right mate”.


Who is dictating to Australia and state Governments telling them to enact these orders ?
Figure that out and this whole COVID scam will make sense

Covid won’t kill you but the vaccines will

$1 million challenge if you think I’m wrong


Here’s what others had to say:

Marko Sladakovic
Jamie Mate
You have my full Suport.
I’m following your posts.
Do you ever sleep.

Clare Jay
So what happened to Scott Morrison’s claim that Covid vaccination will never be made mandatory?

Daniel Bennett
Sadly most of these people cannot and will not wake up ever. The indoctrination from the idiot box is impenetrable.

Chris Harry Newbold
Yes we lost one of our people last night after having the jab four days ago she was already ill however she was that frightend of getting the 19 she had it all because of the scare campaign.

Dolly Molly
French young healthy man….. and MSm have tried to shut down this information….

Pamela Watson
Yes the pressure to wake up is building and tipping point is coming. Heaven help us all.

Greg Tayler
we study this 14 years – elite desire to cull 90%.

Roy James
That’s the thing, what’s the point in even having a constitution if it’s not even worth the paper it’s written on? The world has gone rogue.

Jennifer McKay
This is so scary.

Roy James
That’s the thing, what’s the point in even having a constitution if it’s not even worth the paper it’s written on? The world has gone rogue.

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