Founder, Says Facebook Will Lose More Users As They Are Running a $100 USD Delete Facebook, Campaign, Plus Will Welcome Banned ‘Freedom Convoy’ Truckers and All Others Sick of Fakebook Censoring Founder, Says Facebook Will Lose More Users As They Are Running a $100 USD Delete Facebook, Campaign, Plus Will Welcome Banned ‘Freedom Convoy’ Truckers and All Others Sick of Fakebook Censoring Founder, Says Facebook Will Lose More Users As They Are Running a $100 USD Delete Facebook, Campaign, Plus Will Welcome Banned ‘Freedom Convoy’ Truckers and All Others Sick of Fakebook Censoring

By CNBS News Founders, says Facebook will lose more users as they are running a $100 USD Delete Facebook, campaign, plus will welcome banned ‘Freedom Convoy’ truckers and all others sick of Fakebook censoring and their dodgy, Soros and Gates and their vaccine cronies, sponsored ‘fact checkers’.

Donald Trump also claims people are tired of Facebook’s “political shenanigans” are leaving Facebook, resulting in Mark Zuckerberg reporting the platform’s first-ever decline in users.

The former president also said truckers in the “Freedom Convoy” being banned from Facebook would be welcome on his upcoming competitor to “fight back against Big Tech” and protect free expression. Trump’s team tried to register but had already registered it and had pre-launched before Trumps, who had to settle for which will be a Twitter-style platform. Unlike which is more like Facebook, and Telegram type features, and ideal for sharing content, and already growing rapidly amongst the resistance.
The CEO of Facebook’s parent company, Meta, announced in an earnings call this week that the platform lost roughly 1 million users in the last three months of 2021.

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