Please post if you know of or are experiencing issues just from being around vaccinated people

Please post if you know of or are experiencing issues just from being around vaccinated people

Please post if you know of or are experiencing issues just from being around vaccinated people

By Jamie McIntyre

Please post if you know of or are experiencing issues just from being around vaccinated people – at the Australian National Review we have been sent reports of this happening right around the world.


Here’s what others had to say:

Mines disappeared after working in aged care w all vaccinated residents (we had a lot of deaths after vax) I’m about to quit my job now the government has mandated vax for aged care workers but not to upset as I was getting worried about the shedding and what it is doing to me.

I’m in a Facebook group – ‘Covid-19 vaccination Adverse Events and Reactions Feedback Australia’ over 14k members, plenty of stories on this issue and sadly many others.

This is what fucking frightens me! We are trying for baby # 2 and I’m too scared to go anywhere near strangers at the shops or people at work because I don’t want their vaxxed bullshit affecting me falling pregnant. I followed that covid menstruation side effects fb page and screenshotted a bunch of posts to show other women.

Yep! Sudden irregular periods which is extremely unusually for me and I’m unvaxxed.

Yes please people share but also share what country you are in? and are your issues ongoing?

Just waiting for it. I’m surrounded by v’ed folks in my workplace and relatives…

I’m in Australia and I fortunately haven’t experienced any symptoms from vaxed people I’m hoping it stays that way because most of the people I know are running to get vaccinated.

I have not been vaccinated but around vaccinated people ever day at dialysis- my periods are all over the place 😳🥺 starting over week early then stopping and starting first time in over twenty years have they ever been this out of whack #pandemicperiod.


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