Maybe the World Needs To Divide Into 2

Maybe the World Needs To Divide Into 2

Maybe the World Needs To Divide Into 2

By Jamie McIntyre

I’m pretty sure the few who voted for this guy would have been the first to line up for the jab.

I mean he got elected on mostly dead voters on the electoral role and with the newly vaccinated,he must be hoping the newly dead,come next Us Election,will remember to vote for him to.

How far has the Us and our world fallen ?

Is he a reflection of the stupidity that exists in the world today, to allow, tolerate and continue to support a global fraud and conspiracy theory known as a Covid Pandemic.

The world is dividing rapidly and perhaps it needs to. Why try and force two completely separate ideologies together?

Those who believe everything on the news , do as they are told , never question, never asked the media Or Government’s for evidence of the Covid fraud , fall for Global warming scams as well,that are dumb enough to line up for the jab, despite so much evidence it does nothing but kill and injure and offers zero protection.

Just perhaps they should move to one part of each country , placed in quarantine and lockdowns they so proudly support , as they are a health threat to themselves and others , and are clear supporters of the new world order and the great totalitarian Reset.

And the rest of us who have passed the IQ test the vaccine is , and have after detailed research and critical thinking decided not to take it, no matter how much we are bullied, co erced, intimidated , bribed and forced , as we aren’t weak minded souls so easily bought for 2 Krispy Kreme donuts and a Bunnings sausage to take the jab, or don’t easily fall for Covid fraudsters continuous lies.

We get to live under civil rights and human freedoms, and a fraction of the laws. And won’t tolerate, or listen to our illegitimate Governments under foreign control , but rather create our own Governments representative of real Democracy, not fake Rothschild pretend democracy.

We can happily build our own schools, not indoctrination systems, our own proper health care not deadly Rockefeller corrupted poisoned medical system , fund our nations with our own monetary system and own minimal taxes.

We would get along just fine.

And let the first group who want to live in lockdowns, happy to do their part for climate change religion they believe in and get vaxxed to death for the planets same, all over a fraudulent pandemic , and who love to follow orders of charlatans, live there remaining life,away from us on there own terms.

Let them have the new world order.

We’ll create our own new world initiative, and do just fine without the Covid fraudsters and their dumbed down , drugged up supporters who voted for a Mr Joe Biden.

Each to their own.
Live how you want to live.
Just don’t impose your bullshit on others or your dodgy quackcinnes.


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