Interview 75 With Jamie McIntyre

Interview 75 With Jamie McIntyre

Interview 75 With Jamie McIntyre

By The Missing Link

Jamie McIntyre is a successful entrepreneur, investor, sought after coach, internationally renowned speaker and world-leading educator, hosting on his stage some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and individuals such as Sir Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss (Author of the 4-Hour Work Week) and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He was an early Bitcoin Investor and is known for predicting investment trends and markets ahead of time. He is the Founder of 21st Century Education, which he created to replace the outdated 19th Century Education system that’s still taught at school. Like many he wished that he had of been taught at school or University, financial and emotional intelligence, life skills and business strategies and generalist skills that can be used in any career.

He has donated millions in educational scholarships and recently helped launch 21st Century University a not for profit online education, an affordable online series of courses and live lectures teaching what our failing outdated education systems haven’t.

Jamie is also the author of numerous globally applauded publications such as the best-selling books ‘What I Didn’t Learn At School But Wish I Had’ and ‘Think & Grow Rich For The 21st Century’.

Today, Jamie McIntyre has educated more than 550,000 people worldwide and helped thousands achieve financial abundance and long-term success. His clients using his financial strategies alone have collectively increased their wealth by several billion dollars over the past two decades mostly from his real estate strategies.

He has become an activist in recent years and helps defend many in society that are often left undefended. He helped expose the Australian financial planning industry which ended up in a Royal Commission for its dodgy practices making him a political target in 2013, especially after he launched the 21st Century Political Party.

His political mentor at the time was former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is the Founder of the news site the ‘Australian National Review’.

He also helped exposed the wide scale fraud in the Vaccine industry and challenged it in 2016 with a million dollar challenge to provide independent evidence they are safe and effective (Robert De Niro put up $100,000 as did John F Kennedy’s nephew Robert Kennedy JNR).


Here’s what others had to say:

Marlene Trithardt
I am always the only one in the store never wearing a mask in St Albert! People are wimps

Gregory Alan
What you don’t understand, we American”s have the right to carry guns!!! Imagine that!!!!

Gregory Alan
Majority rules and in this case majority is gold! And you aren’t in the majority!!!

Lori Root
We must keep balance in our lives. Despite the horrible boot stomping on human faces forever. Take care of your body, mind, and spirit.

Susan O’Neil
They might think that they sound intelligent but tgey are soulless deniers.

Marlene Trithardt
Surgeries are being cancelled in Alberta, they say hospitals are full of us unvaxed.

Lori Root
Nursing homes are torture chambers.

Dennis Dowlut
He needs to speak louder or turn up the volume.

Angel Divine
Thank you so much. Stand strong. Any ill inten will never win.

Lee-anne George
So pleased to hear a fellow Aussie saying how it really is thankyou Jesse an Jamie.

Louise Simons
All the wars were planned by the ulluamati

Joyce Kerr
Sound is in and out! Hard to understand!

Marlene Trithardt
Kenney is getting scared too!

Gregory Alan
Australians are invited to America through the Mexican and USA border! Don’t mind the person’s from Haiti, there crossing the border too!

Tony Mckinlay
We’ve been calling for a resource economic value. Consumerism is dead.

Lori Root
This crazy world we live in. We never saw this brazen tyranny in our lives before.

Anthony Rodgers
The gov tv commercial with an actor woman on the ventilator, breathing heavy.. wat bs..

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