I Wonder WHO Organised the Massive Marketing Budget for Covid 19 ?

I Wonder WHO Organised the Massive Marketing Budget for Covid 19 ?

I Wonder WHO Organised the Massive Marketing Budget for Covid 19 ?

By Jamie McIntyre

I wonder WHO organised the massive marketing budget for Covid 19 ?
And I wonder why a supposed pandemic required a multi billion dollar marketing budget ?
WHO were the sponsors and partners in the marketing effort ? And the flu that supposedly disappeared magically for 2 years so only Covid 19 could supposedly exist for 2 straight years.
WHO organised for the flu to go on a holiday whilst WHO organised the rest of us from being prevented from going on holidays? WHO also knew in advance and run multiple preparation events for a supposed unknown pandemic ? WHO could have known months and even years in advance to prepare for a Covid pandemic ? WHO has such magical powers of prediction and WHO can predict there will be yet another Global pandemic ? WHO gets billions paid to them from our taxpayers money via our Governments everytime guess WHO cries “ pandemic “ and WHO else gets

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