CIA Visits Paraguay Ahead of WEF Election Coup

CIA Visits Paraguay Ahead of WEF Election Coup

CIA Visits Paraguay Ahead of WEF Election Coup


The CIA’s involvement in Paraguay is part of a disturbing pattern of Latin American election interference by the Biden intel apparatus.

The United States Central Intelligence Agency made a recent visit to Paraguay, just ahead of that nation’s April 30th Presidential Election that, as National File has uncovered, is the latest target of the World Economic Forum, US “psychological warfare” forces, and a team of election hackers tied to Brazil’s openly-communist and narco-linked President Lula.

David Cohen, the Deputy Director of the CIA, took a trip to Paraguay in late March, just a month ahead of Paraguay’s April 30th Presidential Election, which will be the first in that nation’s history to be conducted 100% electronically – like Brazil’s was last year.

Cohen’s trip to Paraguay, which was unannounced until the very last moment, reportedly revolved around “strengthening cooperation over security,” specifically “security” related to the nation’s 2023 Presidential Election. While there, he met with unpopular Paraguayan President Mario Abdo Benitez, who is seen as a globalist by his constituents.

According to the US Embassy in Paraguay, the meeting “took place within the framework of robust bilateral cooperation,” as “shared strategies for combating global threats were addressed.”

The CIA meeting took place just ahead of a trip that President Abdo made to Florida, where he met with the U.S. Air Force Special Operations Forces responsible for conducting “psychological” and “informational” warfare.

As National File reported:

The trip has led to speculation that President Benítez has been “captured” by the globalists and that he will stand down to allow Paraguay’s election to be rigged in favor of the left-wing Authentic Radical Liberal Party (PLRA).

Revelations that President Abdo is not just visiting US “psychological warfare” forces in Florida, but hosting the CIA in Paraguay, have only dumped fuel on these theories.

Despite its status as a small, landlocked nation, Paraguay is playing a major role in the global geopolitical landscape, as the left-wing Authentic Radical Liberal Party (PLRA) is closely linked to the World Economic Forum and is planning to follow in Brazil’s footsteps to pivot their nation towards communist China.

As National File recently reported, World Economic Forum founder and chairman Klaus Schwab is openly pushing the PLRA ticket, and the party’s Vice Presidential nominee, Maria Soledad Nuñez Mendez, who’s known locally as “Sole,” ranks among Schwab’s army of “Young Global Leaders.”

According to Schwab himself, seizing control of Paraguay is a key component of igniting the “Great Reset” and the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

The comparisons to Brazil don’t stop at CIA meetings and World Economic Forum capture operations though. Just recently, it was revealed that Paraguayan authorities are investigating a team of Brazilian hackers who entered the country illegally. The hackers are not just linked to Brazilian President Lula, but to PLRA Presidential candidate Effrain Alegere, who boasted in a message obtained by National File that no meaningful investigation or legal action will impede the hackers’ mission.

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