$1 Million Challenge to Anyone on the Planet That Can Show BS 19 Jab Is Safe, Effective and Necessary

$1 Million Challenge to Anyone on the Planet That Can Show BS 19 Jab Is Safe, Effective and Necessary

$1 Million Challenge to Anyone on the Planet That Can Show BS 19 Jab Is Safe, Effective and Necessary

Truth-Tweet Post By Jamie McIntyre

Taking a booster shot is taking the piss out of life – it’s committing suicide (taking any Bs 19 jab has been ruled as such by a European Court) which can be considered a selfish act – I know many say they have to keep their job – mmm how will one do any job if they are sick and dying, or a ticking time bomb for a heart attack – accept the fact that if you take a booster you should make plans to say goodbye to family, and put money aside for your own funeral or full time medical care. If you are not prepared to do that, then don’t take a booster. $1 million challenge to anyone on the planet that can show they are safe, effective and necessary. And you can’t say this on Twitter, but you can state such truths on truth tweet. If you think you can take a booster and live a happy and Lola life, I’m happy to bet against you. Do it only if you are prepared to accept the consequences. Don’t be a loser, joining the death cult herd. It embarrass’s us remaining humans.

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