$1 Million Challenge the Vaccine Isn’t Designed To Boost the Population

$1 Million Challenge the Vaccine Isn’t Designed To Boost the Population

$1 Million Challenge the Vaccine Isn’t Designed To Boost the Population

By Australian National Review

The muppet politicians that still believe in the Covid fraud despite now 23 countries having to admit it never existed, and have zero documents to provide under the freedom of information act, and the PCR test being proven it can’t accurately detect Covid (hard to detect something that never existed) and many were lied to they had Covid and given drugs and put on ventilators and falsely listed as dying of Covid.

The Global Health Organisation has just stated, they estimate 10-100 million vaccine deaths within 36 months (over 500,000 estimated already) and 250-1 billion injuries ( half-serious -50-60 million estimated already).

The vaccine is the virus – $1 million challenge the vaccine isn’t designed to boost the population)


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Jade Webster
Thanks Jamie, though where did you get info re GHO? Would love to ref.

Kathy Aus
15 mill out of 25 mill is also 60%. That means a 40% reduction. Maybe he said other countries would reduce by 60%..

Amanda Hannon
Yep…did you hear that hospitals get paid $13k or so for recording deaths as covid?

Amanda Hannon
And Scomo has just lost his bid to keep his records of cabinet meetings private…did you hear this?

Boogey Mel
How do we stand up though when they’ve bought in the army, changing bio security act quietly without tabling it & fining people left right and centre?!

Geoff Millar
I couldn’t agree with you more. Other than no one will be prosecuted for this. Just like GFC and every other financial crime at the highest level. They will all get away from this with some sort of diversion tactic.

Victoria Jennings
They are building “quarantine” camps now

Victoria Jennings
It’s called genocide

Tamara Sirl
We need our own “PATRICK KING”…. A truth soldier for AUSTRALIA!!!

Justice Kingi
Do you think they will kill internet to stop us communcating

Rachael Johnson
Was just informed that Denmark have ordered all to be vaccinated and are door knocking to enforce it. Has anyone else been aware of this?

Dana Randall
Getting the fake test is the only thing they allow ppl to go outside for.

Victoria Jennings
So how did they declare a state of emergency?

Inna Jankovic
They need to reduce world population to 1.5 billion. Australian population to reduce to 15million.

Trisha Lpearson
They’ve just mandated the vaccine in Canada.

Martha Deffendall
Everyone needs to be asking for proof of the virus We need to get it
Where does the report exist
where is the isolation documentation of Covid.

Joe Slamons
100% Agree with you Jamie Mclntyre. This lie has to stop and the true facts need to come out!

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