What New Cryptocurrency Will Be 100x in the Next Year?

What New Cryptocurrency Will Be 100x in the Next Year?

What New Cryptocurrency Will Be 100x in the Next Year?

By L. Sebastian Purcell

Undoubtedly, there will be quite a few such 100x coins in the next year. Even during the recent crash, for example, Axie Infinity shot off doing 26x since June 28. It’s done 109x since January 27.

I can identify three possible contenders, presently, but let’s start with some criteria.


It’s easy for anyone to find a coin with a small market capitalization ( = price per coin * total number of coins), multiply that by 100, and then say that it’s a 100x candidate.

The difference between a shill and an analysis is the quality of the criteria used to select such coins.

My main strategy is to pick coins that facilitate existing platforms that are well established. When those platforms pick up wider adoption, then these coins are likely to gain wider adoption too—in two specific ways.

  1. There will be spill over adoption. If people are already using a platform, the psychological entry barrier to using a related product is much lower. If you already use Facebook, then Instagram, or WhatsApp, or Messenger are going to be easier to use.
  2. There will be exchange trade-ups. I describe this in more detail here, since sometimes no change at all results in 100% returns. What happens is that when a coin gets listed in a larger exchange, more people get access to it, and its price goes up because demand goes up. The tech is the same, but price is just higher.

Exchange trade-ups are more likely to happen when a coin is integrated with a larger platform that is already listed on major exchanges that have access to rich, but tightly regulated areas of the world—like the United States.

Binance has limited access here, and I’d love to have OKEx access. But that’s not possible.

When something gets listed on Coinbase, however, most people in the US gain access to it, so its price soars. Doge pumped 100% in a few days when this happened in late April and early May (of 2021).

These thoughts give us

Criterion 1: Look for a coin that is related to an existing platform that is already successful.

A second criterion follows from a bit of historical work. During the last bull run (it’s unclear if we are presently in one), The top 25 coins were about $10 billion and up in size.

If you are hoping that your coin is going to break into the top 25 in the next bull run, you are probably too optimistic.

My one exception here is LUNA, which runs on ATOM. It runs the best decentralized finance ecosystem presently available. It ought to be a top 10 coin since it presently does everything Ethereum hopes to do in the DeFi space by the end of 2022.

  • LUNA could conceivably do 100x if we are at the beginning of a new bull run, and if that bull run lasts about 12 months, and if LUNA gets the wider adoption it deserves including Coinbase listing.

Since UST, the stablecoin run on the LUNA system, is presently listed on Coinbase, that possibility isn’t terribly improbable.

For the most part, though, we’ll want smaller coins, which gives us

Criterion 2: Find a coin with less than $100 million in present market cap. Preferably much smaller than $100 million.

3 Coin Selections

I know of three such coins that fit these criteria.

Rarible (RARI) is the coin that runs the Rarible NFT marketplace. If you have ever tried to mint NFTs, you’ll know that different marketplaces offer different incentives. Rarible’s system is easy to use and NFTs get aggregated into the huge OpenSea marketplace. It runs on the Ethereum blockchain, so it will gain in value as Ethereum scales. Mark Cuban has also invested in this platform.

  • Present Market Cap: $70 million. 100x = $7 billion.

Frontier (FRONT) is an interoperable coin. Probably there will be more than one platform winner in the future, so interoperability among them matters. Frontier allows people to participate in DeFi without having lots of different wallets, and it importantly allows for Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum bridging.

  • Present Market Cap: $52 million. 100x = $5.2 billion.
  • Fully Diluted (in many years) x 100 = $10.4 billion.

Spectrum Protocol (SPEC) is the only yield farming aggregator on the Terra (LUNA) blockchain right now. It’s not even 50 days old and hasn’t completed its smart contract audit. Invest at your own risk. If this pays off, it will really pay off.

  • Present estimated market cap: > $5 million x 100 = $500 million.
  • 1000x = $5 billion which would make it about like Yearn.Finance for Ethereum.

So, there are three coins. They’re not much discussed in other places, so I thought they were worth discussing here. Obviously, any moonshot coin is more likely to fail than succeed, but at least these coins are worked into established protocols. That increases their odds of success, at least a little.

Happy Trading!!

Here’s what others had to say:

Scott Swain
What are your thoughts on LBC coin that underlies the decentralized Odysee (LBRY) video publishing (think YouTube) platform. They have been exploding with YouTubers getting pushed out (censored) in droves. Still under 4 cents per coin.

Souvik Ghosh
Hyve is a new project in Kucoin. It is a very good project. We can expect atleast 10X once it gets listed in a bigger exchange like Binance.

Rupesh Jha
May I request to share your views on Matic coin. What are it’s chances of getting 100x this bull Run. I purchased it at $1.30

Rizwan Khan
Safe moon — 100x plus

Joseph Musk
A token I am very bullish on is $Spon from Sponsee App.
Sponsee App connects businesses and influencers and plus they will release a whole new marketplace for crypto marketing firms, so they will have all the correct connection for huge marketing.
Presale will be on 12 of November and I guarantee I’ll be there… i really believe this one could go 100x

Cesar Gonzalez
I’m bullish on PinkPanda (BSC). It’s planning to be the RobinHood of crypto. The team behind it has some really heavy names (like PayPal’s former CCO). I mean, An amazingly looking wallet/DEX with up to 5x leverage, fiat on ramp, crosschain exploration starting with Solana and Eth and a lot more. Checking charts like PSC, Uniswap and other DEXs you can tell that a 100x is so reachable without a doubt.

Madava Radjou
May be Try PI cryptocurrency, which can be mined thru mobile and will be launched next year.
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Oparaugo Isaac
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