Truthcoin Takes Onboard Criticism and Decides To Lower the Donors Threshold From a Minimum of $1000, to As Little as $100, Before Its Pre ICO on June 30 Enabling Small Donors To Benefit From Heavily Discounted Prices

Truthcoin Takes Onboard Criticism and Decides To Lower the Donors Threshold From a Minimum of $1000, to As Little as $100, Before Its Pre ICO on June 30 Enabling Small Donors To Benefit From Heavily Discounted Prices

Truthcoin Takes Onboard Criticism and Decides To Lower the Donors Threshold From a Minimum of $1000, to As Little as $100, Before Its Pre ICO on June 30 Enabling Small Donors To Benefit From Heavily Discounted Prices

By CNBS News

Truthcoin, a new cryptocurrency that’s buying out Bitcoin 2.0, and is an important funder of independent media, and censor-free social media platforms being developed by the TruthGroup, takes on board criticism and decides to lower the donor’s threshold from a minimum of $1000 to as little as $100, before its Pre ICO on June 30 enabling small donors to benefit from heavily discounted prices, before its 0.20 cent list price. Up until recently donors of USD 1000 or higher, could access the heavily discounted prices, generally offered before ICOs ( an ICO is an initial coin offering when coins are first released on an exchange to the public. Pre ICOs are for only those who are aware or qualify to have access to them at discounted prices, before an ICO. Truthcoin started its Pre ICO at just $0.02 cents in March 2022, and currently, the Round 3 offer at 0.08 cents expires at the end of May before its final round at $.12 cents.

It’s listing at $0.20 cents on June 30th, 2022 on mid-tier exchanges such as Adbitz and Coinbits under its TruthPay Brand TRP, by taking over Bitcoin 2.0 and Our World Coin, two coins that had some similar overlapping objectives. Truthcoin donors now can access the $0.08 cent Pre ICO at from just $500USD no longer $1000. $5000 plus donors get it for 50% below, which used to be only $10,000 donors and donors from $100 only can access the coin, with a donation, now for only $0.20 cents ( where once it lists prices often jump up quickly ) and $250 donors get it for 25% discount, only .015 cents. A Truthcoin spokesperson said it also is issuing $50USD of Truthcoin to anyone that becomes a user with and makes their first post-it’s a platform similar to Facebook but censor free.TruthGroup platforms such as its censor-free search engine and offer users the chance to earn extra coins as they bring their network onto their platforms.

This enables users to share in the rewards, unlike Facebook which profits immensely, per user and offers no rewards.

Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra failed, mostly because people don’t trust them, whereas Truthcoin already has access to over 30,000 users with the which is expected to hit over 100,000 this year and potentially 1 million-plus within 24 months now it’s apps are just released

You can join literally within 45 seconds at its website or download the IOS app or Android app and earn $50 once you make a post. To access Truthcoin before it’s listed at 60% discount simply donate online at To 10X one investment into the top 10 cryptos is hard, whereas when Bitcoin was just 2 cents to 10X was only $0.20 cents , and again to $2, then $20, then $200, then $2000, then 20,000. It reached as high as $60,000 before dropping back to $30,000 but it has to hit $200,000 to 10x people’s money where smaller new cryptos, although risky if they have large user bases and use model can 10x much easier.

At Independent Media we are very supportive of and in their support to defeat censoring and help defeat the mainstream media and the WEF’s Great Reset Agenda headed up by Klaus Schwab the son of a Rothschilds and known Nazi collaborator.


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