Bitcoin 2.0 Partners With Large Qoin Crypto Holders, Offering Access for Bitcoin 2.0 Holders to Over 38,000 Qoin Merchants Across Australia and New Zealand

Bitcoin 2.0 Partners With Large Qoin Crypto Holders, Offering Access for Bitcoin 2.0 Holders to Over 38,000 Qoin Merchants Across Australia and New Zealand

Bitcoin 2.0 Partners With Large Qoin Crypto Holders, Offering Access for Bitcoin 2.0 Holders to Over 38,000 Qoin Merchants Across Australia and New Zealand

By Crypto Global News

Bitcoin 2.0 partners with large Qoin crypto holders, offering access for Bitcoin 2.0 holders to over 38,000 Qoin merchants across Australia and New Zealand.

Qoin is the crypto version of Bartercard and enables Qoin holders to purchase goods and services across all types of industries and trades.

Not only an array of restaurants, but hairdressers, dentists, cosmetic injections, trades, but even houses, cars and boats.

Qoin is designed as a digital currency. Participating merchants will accept Qoin as payment for real goods & services. The purchasing power of a Qoin token within the ecosystem of participating merchants is described as Qoin’s ‘value’.

Because Qoin can also be traded on Block Trade Exchange Limited (BTX), Qoin tokens have a daily buy or sell price.  The daily buy/sell prices represent how much the Qoin tokens can be traded for on BTX, and are different to the ‘value’ of Qoin.  For this reason, the value may be different to the buy or sell price on BTX.

For more information on how the value is calculated, refer to the whitepaper. The daily buy or sell prices can be viewed at the BTX website.

For Bitcoin 2.0 holders, it has been arranged that you can simply convert your Bitcoin 2.0 to Qoin to spend as you like at any of the merchants.

You can do this via Bitcoin 2.0 direct simply by emailing them at

or soon via Bitxchange

A fee applies.

You simply need to also download a Qoin wallet or Bitcoin 2.0 new universal Bitcoin wallet will be available in the coming weeks and is planned to have Qoin available via the one wallet.

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