A New Global Currency Has Been Created To Help Fund the Resistance, and To Take Back Our World, From the Dangerous and Deadly Globalist Great Reset Agenda

A New Global Currency Has Been Created To Help Fund the Resistance, and To Take Back Our World, From the Dangerous and Deadly Globalist Great Reset Agenda

A New Global Currency Has Been Created To Help Fund the Resistance, and To Take Back Our World, From the Dangerous and Deadly Globalist Great Reset Agenda

By Crypto Global News

A new Global Currency has been recently created to fund the resistance. And to take back our country and world, from the dangerous Globalists, according to its press release.

A leading libertarian and commentator on Crypto, said the key to end the Globalist’s banking cartels control, comes down to, who issues our money?

As the central bankers have a Monopoly on this, the key is to stop letting them print “fake money” from using their centrally controlled Federal Reserve Fraudulent Banking system, that charges interest to our Governments. Who then charge us taxes to enslave us, and all of humanity. The bankers also invented income tax as a way to get money off our labour, paid to them via the Government, they effectively own and control, he said.

“They then use their fake money, to buy up the world, and cleverly create an illusion of democracy, to keep the masses divided and distracted from who really runs the world. They have the power to even to invent falsified pandemics, and then use it as a “Trojan horse” to usher in their new global sinister agendas” he went on to say.
“How we defeat them is to eliminate their ability to print money. The money belongs to us, the people. It’s a way to track the value we each add to each other in our community. So it belongs to the community, not the criminal elite”, he went on to say.

“So some key leaders and not for profits who are forming part of a Global resistance have created their own new global money currency, utilising blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency. It’s designed as money for the people by the people, a not-for-profit endeavour. Supporters of the resistance can help donate, and help fund the resistance, and also benefit by receiving special bonus incentives, of this new global currency. To change the world, we need to change some things in the world”, he highlighted.

“All the power of the criminal elite springs from them fraudulently printing fake money out of thin air and selling it to our Governments.” Essentially money belongs to the people, and should be created for the people, by the people, as has now been done with “Our World Coin”.

It’s also underwritten by Bitcoin 2.0, and other not for profit organisations, deeply committed to ending the criminal elite’s deadly and dangerous totalitarian Great Reset agenda.

Now you can fight back.

Dump their dodgy fiat currency sooner than later, (before they crash it, to engineer their Great Reset), and by helping educate others about how to end the Globalists control.

To help fund the new required institutions, and the global resistance, anyone can help by making a donation. Donors automatically receive, as a bonus the new global currency, to fund the Resistance and new Global Institutions, such as the Global Health Organisation and the Global Economic Forum, called “Our World Coin”.

Many business owners will support the new currency as they know the supporters of the resistance are loyal and passionate individuals who will support businesses that refuse to support the Covid fraudsters.

It will help Covid affected business owners garner much-needed new customers and support, and will enable a directory for consumers where to go to find businesses that refuse to support mask mandates or refuse to ban unvaccinated customers.

It will help grow a whole new ecosystem for those that don’t support the Covid fraud and with the support of the new Global Economic Forum, it has the potential to be a game-changer for many businesses if accepted as a merchant.

“We urgently must act before the criminal elite achieve full tyranny, and control of our world” the leading libertarian said.

To find out more about this urgent and important initiative visit:

The Syndicate of backers also includes many early-stage Bitcoin investors and an array of Independent Media Partners some including the London Times, CNBS News Network, USA Tomorrow, European Times and the New Zealand Times, and other media outlets.

Facebook is already censoring the “Our World Coin” initiative as it poses a real threat to Facebooks plan to launch their own global cryptocurrency, which is struggling to take off, and now with so many deserting Facebook and no longer trusting it, its chances of providing a global currency for the people is no longer likely due to them supporting the Globalists and the Covid fraud.

Original Source: https://cryptoglobalnews.live/a-new-global-currency-has-been-created-to-fund-the-resistance-and-to-take-back-our-country-and-world-back-from-the-dangerous-globalists/

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