mRNA Exposed With Dr. Michael Palmer & Catherine Austin Fitts

mRNA Exposed With Dr. Michael Palmer & Catherine Austin Fitts

mRNA Exposed With Dr. Michael Palmer & Catherine Austin Fitts

By Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson

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When people have starving children they can’t feed they will start killing for food.

Trudeau demonizes the unvaxxed and voila Quebec has curfew.

It’s almost impossible to listen when you keep breaking in with your opinions. We want to hear the experts, not you!!!

War is the way it stops … If the government uses police or military to force people into camps or forced shots … We will kill them. Do you mother fucker shit hole cops understand ! There are millions of us you dipshits. Goes for the military too. Think Morons

It’s difficult to go about life knowing what is happening.
Most people are clueless, and just care about watching the game and having fun.

people have no clue of what is in the injection !!!! and how it will effect their lives and their loved ones.

No shade on Ms. Fitts, but she mentions the reason they’re doing this is the fiat ponze rip off is about to collapse on itself, and although she stresses things like decentralization she fails to tell poeple that no matter what we do, the system WILL CRASH, and perhaps give advice on how to prepare for it.

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