Episode 226: Ahead of the Curve

Episode 226: Ahead of the Curve

Episode 226: Ahead of the Curve

By The HighWire with Del Bigtree

The Covid Narrative is Unraveling; The HighWire Highlight’s Shocking COVID Accuracy; Dr. Barke Opposes Masking Kids Again; Hope for the Covid Vaccine Injured; Where is this all going?

Here’s what others had to say:

We got Covid for Christmas, got over it and feel fine. We have avoided the jab taking flack by many uninformed sheeple 🐑 🐑 . Thank you for your extensive research and guest doctors.

Where is the proof and data that unvaccinated people are causing anyone to get sick. If the vaccine is soooo good why are they so worried about the unvaccinated? Perhaps the vaccine is not all that???

Great episode, HighWire team and consultants! Wish you would have a medical edxperts panel discuss the effectiveness of Ivermectin vs Hydrochloroquine and concomitant use of antibiotics and OTC supplements (e.g., zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, etc.) for both treatment and prophylactic purposes. TY!

God bless Frontline Doctors! May God continue to protect and bless you all 🙏❤️

The beauty of The Highwire is you guys give your guests so much time to allow them to get the full story out. With all the main stream media they give half the segment of around 5-7min when the host takes half that time monologing. So Del and the team gets the full story out there, when the MSM just does the headlines when we know they are never the complete story.
Awesome Independent News Broadcasting.

Our school system just announced masks… my 9yo said she’d rather be home schooled (and I’m a hard core strict disciplinarian – she rather have that than masks). She also refused to take the vax!

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