Ayesha K. Faines: 35-year-old Journalist and “Grapevine Show” Panelist Dead 14 Weeks After Experimental Pfizer mRNA Shot

Ayesha K. Faines: 35-year-old Journalist and “Grapevine Show” Panelist Dead 14 Weeks After Experimental Pfizer mRNA Shot

Ayesha K. Faines: 35-year-old Journalist and “Grapevine Show” Panelist Dead 14 Weeks After Experimental Pfizer mRNA Shot

By The COVID Blog

Ms. Ayesha K. Faines

NEW YORK — A 35-year-old Youtube personality, journalist and salsa dancer is dead as near-term “vaccine” deaths continue piling up.

Ms. Ayesha K. Faines received the second dose of experimental Pfizer mRNA sometime around March 15, according to her Twitter posts. It is unclear exactly when she received the first and second shots. But her earliest post about being vaccinated is from March 30.

She acknowledged it was Pfizer on April 3 and even said the first injection “had me down for the count.”

She “praised God” for being vaccinated a few days later.

Ms. Faines was very active on social media. She had 23,500 Instagram followers and 17,600 on Twitter. But Twitter was by far her go-to platform. She averaged 367 tweets per month from January 2021 to May 2021, with a high of 427 in March and low of 297 in April, according to Social Blade. That’s about 12 tweets per day. It dropped to 226 tweets in June, or about seven tweets per day.

She was very active on June 28, with 25 tweets that day. The medical issues related to the mRNA shot likely commenced thereafter. No further activity appeared on her Twitter page. Her last Facebook post was June 28 at 10:45 p.m. Ms. Faines passed away on July 2.

Who was Ayesha K. Faines?

Ms. Faines is best known as a panelist on “The Grapevine Show” on Youtube. She was a Yale University graduate and worked for mainstream media outlets WJXT4 News4Jax in Florida and My9TV/Fox in New York. She is also the founder of a website called “Women Love Power.” Ms. Faines appeared on Entertainment Tonight, MTV and lectured at universities. Unfortunately she was also a dangerous tool for the COVID agenda.

Black Americans are the least likely of all Americans to be vaccinated, according to recent data from the Kaiser Family Foundation. About 62% of Asian Americans are vaccinated as of June 28. White Americans are next at 47%, followed by 39% of “Hispanics.” Only 34% of Black Americans are vaccinated. The United States has a history of vile, evil experimentation on Black Americans, which is the root cause of the overall avoidance of these experimental mRNA and viral vector DNA injections.

Ms. Faines, like the late MSNBC legal analyst Midwin Charles and Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett, was used as a disinformation agent for big pharma. She regurgitated mainstream media talking points and subterfuges hoping to coax Black Americans into submission.


Regardless, liberals loved her. She received numerous condolences across social media after her death. No mainstream media outlets mentioned the fact Ms. Faines received the Pfizer injection several weeks prior to her death. All of them say she died “unexpectedly,” which is media modus operadi for 2021 deaths of relatively young people.

We know for certain she died in Essex County, New Jersey. But the New Jersey Medical Examiner can stall for up to 12 weeks on public records requests. Thus this story will be long forgotten about when we do discover the cause of death.

Original source: https://thecovidblog.com/2021/07/08/ayesha-k-faines-35-year-old-journalist-and-grapevine-show-panelist-dead-14-weeks-after-experimental-pfizer-mrna-shot/

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