None of The 65,000 Patients Treated With Ayurveda Died of COVID

None of The 65,000 Patients Treated With Ayurveda Died of COVID

None of The 65,000 Patients Treated With Ayurveda Died of COVID

By Great Game India

At the 9th World Ayurveda Congress and Expo 2022, a top official of the Union Ministry of Ayush said that none of the 65,000 patients treated with Ayurveda died of COVID.

According to a top official of the Union Ministry of Ayush, just 300 of the approximately 65,000 COVID-19 patients who used Ayurvedic formulations required hospitalisation, and none of them died as a result of the pandemic. The 9th World Ayurveda Congress and Expo 2022, which is currently taking place in Panaji, featured a session on the “National Ayush Research Consortium,” where Rajesh Kotecha, Secretary of the Ayush Ministry, was addressing.

He said that the results were based on research done by his ministry, Seva Bharathi, the Central Council for Research in Siddha (CCRS), and other universities on a total of a lakh COVID-19 patients.

“Out of these patients, 65,000 people were in home isolation, and only 300 of them required hospitalisation. This is less than half per cent whereas the hospitalization rate at the time was 7-10 per cent,” he said.

Asserting that there are high expectations for AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homoeopathy), Kotecha said that bringing all stakeholders together was necessary to scale up research and address the lack of skilling in this crucial sector.

Research in AYUSH is only conducted by the Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRAS), Central Council for Research in Yoga and Naturopathy (CCRYN), CCRS, and Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine (CCMRUM), he added. Basic science and mainstream science institutions conduct research in a variety of fields.

“There is a great mismatching of skilling in the sector and all stakeholders must act together to find a solution. We need to find a mechanism that will open up possibilities for the sector, country as well as the globe as there are lots of unanswered questions to be answered,” Kotecha said.

Dr. Nandini Kumar, a former deputy director general at the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), stressed in her speech the importance of interdisciplinary cooperation, interprofessionalism, and capacity building in regards to issues involving documentation and how to approach the ethics committee.

We talked about ayurveda and the Indian Air Force in another article.

According to Dr. K. Madangopal, a senior consultant with NITI Aayog, the emphasis should be on giving patients a supportive system and bolstering research data in the AYUSH industry.

Dr. Ram Manohar, director of the Amrita Centre for Advanced Research in Ayurveda (ACARA), Amritapuri, suggested a dramatic change and emphasised the significance of developing a roadmap for Ayurveda research and practise.

Both renowned rheumatologist Dr. Arvind Chopra from Pune and Dr. Kishore Kumar Ramkrishnan, a professor at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), were there.

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