Jonathan Bing Just Bet me $50K That I’m Wrong About Cardiac Injury Post-Vaccine

Jonathan Bing Just Bet me $50K That I’m Wrong About Cardiac Injury Post-Vaccine

Jonathan Bing Just Bet me $50K That I’m Wrong About Cardiac Injury Post-Vaccine

By Steve Kirsch

On a recorded Twitter space just now, I claimed 20% (or more) of people have objectively measurable cardiac injury after getting the COVID vaccine. Jonathan was willing to bet $50K I am wrong.

I bet Jonathan $50K that over 20% of people have cardiac injury post-vax

On a Twitter space just now, I claimed that 20% (or more) of people develop objectively measurable cardiac injury within 4 months of the shot.

Jonathan Bing (@jonbingnj) called me a misinformation spreader (which of course I took as a compliment).

I then challenged Jonathan, in front of a live audience, to put his money where his mouth is.

To my delight (and utter amazement), he accepted.

Check out this tweet:

Here are the current odds:


I’ll propose terms similar to the Saar Wilf term sheet, but since it’s only $50K, we can relax some of the terms, e.g., 3 mutually agreeable judges and you need to get all three judges to win, otherwise it’s a draw. And we can skip the escrow. I trust Jonathan will pay when I win.

Judges basically look at the evidence presented and make a decision as to which hypothesis is best supported by the evidence.

The evidence

Before Jonathan accepted my bet, I pointed out that:
  1. In a study (not yet published) of 177 people in Puerto Rico (97% of whom were vaccinated), cardiac injury was objectively measured in 70% of the people measured (ages 8 to 84). I know the guy who did the study and we have all the records from the machine for each person. This is going to be hard for Jonathan to dispute. Really hard. But hey, if he can show me a study I’m wrong, it’s worth the $50K. So far, nobody else has.
  2. In the US military, they did a thorough investigation of a large number of soldiers and found markers of cardiac injury in 68% of our soldiers. This was kept under wraps, but I am friends with the doctor who did the study.
  3. The Thailand study is well known. It showed close to a 30% rate of cardiac injury in young adults. So that’s the backup plan. But the 70% rate of cardiac injury in Puerto Rico… that’s the slam dunk.

In addition I found this:

  1. Changes of ECG parameters after BNT162b2 vaccine in the senior high school students in which 17.1% had at least one cardiac symptom 2-3 days after the second dose. This is only measuring ECG alone which is not very sensitive for measuring cardiac injury. So even if you believe this, it’s a good bet that more sensitive tests increase those numbers significantly.

So you cannot accuse me of being a grifter; I put my cards on the table and he just thought I was making this stuff up out of thin air.

He’ll soon find out I don’t bluff.

Who do you think will win the bet?


I predict that Jonathan will not challenge me in the future on statements I make. Hopefully, others will learn from this as well.

I salute Jonathan for being willing to put his money where his mouth is. Pretty much everyone else isn’t willing to put capital at risk. Jonathan walks the talk. Even though I disagree with him on all things COVID, I respect him for standing behind his beliefs. It’s so rare to see that nowadays.

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