Dom Busby: 53-Years-Old BBC Sports Reporter Develops Brain Tumor, Died 11 Weeks After Experimental AstraZeneca Shot

Dom Busby: 53-Years-Old BBC Sports Reporter Develops Brain Tumor, Died 11 Weeks After Experimental AstraZeneca Shot

Dom Busby: 53-Years-Old BBC Sports Reporter Develops Brain Tumor, Died 11 Weeks After Experimental AstraZeneca Shot

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Dom Busby

YORKSHIRE — A 53-year-old BBC reporter is dead, becoming the second brain tumor case we’ve covered on this blog.

Mr. Dom Busby received the first dose of experimental AstraZeneca viral vector DNA on March 14, according to his Twitter page. He posted photos of himself receiving the injection.

Mr. Busby was naturally very active on Twitter because of his profession as a sports reporter. He tweeted or re-tweeted 93 times in March, then 22 times from April 1 to April 10. He completely vanished thereafter. The United Kingdom recommends 12 weeks between AstraZeneca doses. Thus Mr. Busby would have been due for his second shot on or around June 14.

Death and aftermath

The BBC reported that Mr. Busby passed away on June 10 after a “short illness.” No further details were given. But a colleague and friend of his named Stuart Clarkson said Mr. Busby died from an inoperable brain tumor. Clarkson also said Mr. Busby was in palliative care for weeks, meaning his death was expected for quite some time. Clarkson is also adamant about deflecting all attention away from the AstraZeneca injection.

Mr. Busby is the second BBC presenter to die after the AstraZeneca shot in the last three weeks. BBC Radio Newcastle presenter Lisa Shaw died on May 21, about 14 days after the jab. But at least there is some semblance of transparency there, as the coroner is “considering” listing her death as being caused by the AstraZeneca shot. But we all know that is highly unlikely to happen.

Further, this is now the second case we’ve covered of someone developing brain tumors shortly after experimental mRNA or viral vector DNA shots. Ms. Jovita Moore is the Atlanta news anchor who is still on leave after brain surgery to remove two tumors that developed two weeks after the Pfizer mRNA shot. She underwent brain surgery on April 15. There have been no further updates since May 9.

Mr. Busby worked for the BBC for over 30 years. Tributes from colleagues and friends continue pouring in on social media.

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