Canada Jab Injuries – Sean – From Canada

Canada Jab Injuries – Sean – From Canada

Canada Jab Injuries – Sean – From Canada

By Jab Injuries Global

Sean, Canada

Myocarditis at just seventeen years of age.

Sean got his vaccine at the beginning of September 2021, and he immediately suffered multiple health problems. He unexpectedly passed away at home on September 27th 2021 as a result of myocarditis — inflammation of the heart muscle.

Sean was passionate about sports, especially hockey. He started his hockey career playing for the Beeton Stingers and went on to play for TNT in Alliston.

People close to Sean staged a small protest close to the hockey arena, where the seventeen-year-old was told that he had to be vaccinated in order to enter the arena.

Sean got the Pfizer vaccine so that he could play in a hockey arena where the vaccine is mandated. He was not allowed to play hockey in the arena unless he took the jab. They said to him: “You’re not allowed in the arena without the vaccine.” He got the jab and then two weeks later, he died!

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