Canada Jab Injuries – Natalie – From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Canada Jab Injuries – Natalie – From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Canada Jab Injuries – Natalie – From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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Natalie – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Natalie was working at a full-time rewarding and demand job for more than twenty years doing forty plus hours per week, exercising, walking dogs, joyful, socialising with other, and enjoyed many activities.

Natalie had a history of shingles twenty years ago in her left year and face but now is completely resolved.

After receiving her Pfizer vaccine on June 17th 2021 in her right arm, her life drastically has changed. She felt sick for three days and on the forth day, strange sensations from below knee to above ankle on both legs felt like something was “whirling underneath my skin.” Her right hand was red, swollen, and hot.

The next day, her hands and feet were tingling, felt numb, and was sensitive to hot and cold. She called nursing medical help lines in her city and the nurses on the phone advised it was not from the Pfizer vaccination as three days had passed.

Natalie was advised to see a doctor so she went to a medical centre. She was advised again that what she was experiencing was not from the Pfizer vaccine and was encouraged to get a second shot. She did a battery of blood tests, heart tests, urine tests, and was advised everything was normal. The symptoms she was experiencing was due to stress and anxiety and will subside in two weeks.

A visit to the emergency department was shortly made as the situation was so bad and she waited eight hours to see a doctor. She was then advised by the emergency physician that these symptoms were not from the Pfizer vaccination. They did a brain scan and ruled out a brain tumour before making a referral to a neurologist. Her blood pressure was about 211/110.

A family physician was found as Natalie was unable to work. A referral was made to an internal medicine specialist for a twenty four hour blood pressure monitor.

Upon waiting for the referral, the situation got worse and she considered suicided. She was so sick and couldn’t function — like a weird flu but the test for COVID-19 was negative. She couldn’t eat, suffered from diarrhoea, and lost twenty-four pounds.

On July 12th 2021, Natalie started to get tinnitus and was like changing radio stations in her left ear.

The internal medicine specialist advised that her blood pressure was not connected to the Pfizer vaccine and suggested a psychologist or a psychiatric referral. The specialist heavily encouraged her to get the second jab.

Natalie attended an appointment with a neurologist who advised from a neurological standpoint nothing is wrong with Natalie as there is no inflammation in blood or urine. They asked if she was under stress and if there are problems at work or home that would be causing these symptoms. The neurologist heavily encouraged the second jab.

In August 2021, Natalie found herself back at the emergency department again. She was so shaky that she couldn’t lift a light item out of the fridge. No inflammation was found and the emergency physician heavily encouraged her to self refer to mental health supports due to anxiety and tearfulness.

After continuing to suffer deep pain in the left sole of her foot in October 2021, Natalie’s awoken at night as the deep pain is terrible. Pain starts in palm of hands, across joints of hands, and cannot use her hands for extended periods of time as they grew weary.

The internal medicine specialist has put Natalie on powerful blood pressure medication and encourages her to get the second shot. It is now November 2021 and this is the third blood pressure medication they have tried.

At this point, Natalie continues to have fatigue so bad she cannot function, tinnitus twenty-four-seven, blips of nerve sensations all over her body and on her face as well, and twitching of muscles all over her body. She is trying to hang in there.

The vaccine is mandatory for her employment or rapid testing at the employee’s own cost. She is too sick to work even one hour at this point — she will not be taking anymore vaccinations.

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