Canada Jab Injuries – Erin – From Ontario, Canada

Canada Jab Injuries – Erin – From Ontario, Canada

Canada Jab Injuries – Erin – From Ontario, Canada

By Jab Injuries Global

Erin – Ontario, Canada

I want to preface this story by giving you a picture of who I was before the vaccine.

I’m a mother of two, a preschool teacher, business owner, and military wife. I am an avid marathon runner and love yoga and hiking. I lived an active and healthy lifestyle.

In March of 2020, the world went into lockdown. Our preschool was forced to close and I began to rely solely on the income from my husband and my small business.

In May of 2021, we got the news that education workers were considered front line staff and we were able to open for emergency care and get our first dose. My employer at the time wrote us letters stating we needed to be prioritised.

May of 2021, I received my first dose of the Moderna vaccine.

In June of 2021, I went into pulmonary distress and found myself in the ER — unable to breath with extreme chest and back pains. My heart rate was 195bpm.

The first doctor I saw diagnosed me with dehydration and asthma — they gave me four litres of saline and four puffs of Ventolin every hour.

After ten hours, my heart rate still didn’t lower however he decided to send me home with some steroids for asthma. The nurses were shocked and tried to argue on my behalf but I was sent home regardless.

Two days later, I returned to the hospital as my symptoms had not subsided and I was unable to even walk to the bathroom. The new ER doctor I saw was amazing and he diagnosed me with post-vaccination myocarditis and started me in immediate treatment (ibuprofen and colchicine) This diagnoses was backed up by my family doctor and the chief medical officer of our area.

I was quickly referred to the heart institute in Ottawa — and I am being treated and followed by world renown cardiologist Dr. Liu. I’ve had MRI’s, CT’s, ECG’s, ultrasounds, x-rays, and bloodwork — the list goes on. I am medically exempted indefinitely from receiving any further vaccinations.

I was treated with steroids from June until December 2021 and we agreed to attempt to wean off of them.

Unfortunately, my myocarditis symptoms have returned and over the last month, I was diagnosed with a neurological/nervous system disorder called POTS. The symptoms of this disorder affects virtually everything in my life. It causes high heart rate, dizziness, fainting, nausea, vomiting, headaches, and increased sweating. When I stand for longer than a few minutes, my heart rate exceeds 130-140bpm and my blood pressure easily reaches 145/111. This is with a beta blocker.

In the last month, I was terminated from my employer of seven years because I’m unable to be fully vaccinated. My employer is choosing to staff only fully vaccinated staff and will not accept my exemption.

I have stayed quiet for almost a full year — afraid to speak up for fear of being judged or not believed or having it affect my employment. I now have the medical team behind me willing to fight on my behalf and I am feeling more empowered to share my journey.

I know there’s thousands of us with these symptoms. I’m hoping sharing my story helps give hope to another person experiencing this. I am not recovered but I am no longer alone.

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