Canada Jab Injuries – Dina – From Victoria, BC, Canada

Canada Jab Injuries – Dina – From Victoria, BC, Canada

Canada Jab Injuries – Dina – From Victoria, BC, Canada

By Jab Injuries Global

Dina – Victoria, BC, Canada

Received the AstraZeneca vaccine May 12th 2021.

I took the jab on May 12th 2021. Everything changed in a matter of days and since then, I’ve experienced chronic pain, Neuropathy, reduced balance and muscle control, and stiff and painful joints. My reflexes do not work anymore and I can’t sleep from the constant pain. Walking has become a painful experience and stairs are suddenly a problem.

My doctor referred me to a specialist for a letter to get a medical exemption but I have not been given an appointment or evaluation so there can be no letter or report.

I did have MRI scans and blood tests, which ruled out other reasons for my current medical problems that did not exist before the jab on May 12th 2021.

I asked my employer if they will take care of me and send my kid to university if I took another jab and my condition gets worse? No answer!

I seems my only option is to take another jab and probably end up in a wheelchair in my own excrement.

I prefer to die than sit in my own excrement in a wheelchair with even more chronic pain than what I already have since taking the jab. Day and night, I can’t sleep from the constant pain.

The lack of support for medical exemptions and strict mandates also leads to anxiety and depression.

I’m no longer allowed to get on a plane — not even with a negative test. Soon, I will not be allowed in my office anymore. I have aspen my employer, MP, the government representative, and everyone I could for assistance but I have not even bee able to get an appointment with a specialist because it looks like the doctor’s are scared of losing their licenses and don’t want to touch this — so they avoid it. They have enough other patients to see. I’ve always had a difficult life and found the courage to face my issues but now I am out of hope.

I will be nothing but a useless, unproductive, miserable tragic story if I don’t comply with these mandates and if I don’t comply, I’ll be vilified and placed in solitary confinement — which is punishment and torture usually reserved for dangerous criminals!

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