Bitcoin 2.0 up to 47 Cents

Bitcoin 2.0 up to 47 Cents

Bitcoin 2.0 up to 47 Cents

By Crypto Global News

Bitcoin 2.0 hit $0.47 cents in end of week trades, June 25th, up from just 20 cent list price a month ago.

Bitcoin 2.0 is a new Cryptocurrency / company that is looking to innovate the Global Payment System. Plus it’s backed by real value in advertising credits in independent media news sites and news networks meaning it, at any time can be converted to using for advertising space for any business or individual or sold to anyone wanting to utilise advertising.

It listed in late May 2021, on Bitxchange, and plans to expand to other exchanges in the coming months.

At present to purchase Bitcoin 2.0, you can only do so by opening accounts at Bitxchange, or via some Independent Media Partners such as London Times, CNBSNews, or Australian National Review, who have some discounted allocations available at:

The crypto industry is attracting more and more mainstream investors, especially with 10% yields now on offer, plus the large capital growth potential. As concerns rise about the potential CIA and “ deep state “ infiltration of Bitcoin, more are realising why many early-stage bitcoin investors backed Bitcoin 2.0, 5 years ago as a hedge and back up in case Bitcoin is infiltrated.

As a result, we expect more and more cryptos to offer income incentives, especially in the newer coins.

Some crypto holders are earning up to 10% pa returns if they agree to lock up their coins for a period of time. Numerous crypto coins are doing this including a recent offer by Bitcoin 2.0 listed in Bitxchange.
It was quoted as offering 8% pa for 6 month lock up, and 10% pa for 12 month lock up.

When asked why, a spokesperson said, “We saw other coins offering this, and we thought it adds another attractive return for coin holders, especially the ones who have a long term vision and intend not selling in the short term anyhow.”

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